The sport that all Americans play – baseball

The baseball season is on the peak in the United States – and it’s no wonder being at the stadium on a hot summer night and chanting slogans to cheer the home team. But before you leave the game, you need to understand the rules of the game.

A baseball game consists of more than 9 rounds – limited by the number of eliminations, not time. A round is completed when each team makes 3 players of your team eliminated.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho baseball

A pitcher is when the baseball is thrown by an opponent of the opposing team, called the pitcher, who stands at the mound in the middle of the field. The player of the other team will try to hit the ball the pitcher has just thrown, which is called the pitcher.

When the player who touches the ball touches the handball from the pitcher, the ball is returned to the field and the player who is hitting the ball is called the player who runs the base. When a player who beats the ball cannot hit the ball, that player will be disqualified.

The player who runs back to base will score after throwing the ball into the field and return to the base after reaching the first, second and third bases. Points are calculated when the player who runs back to the base hits the ball while standing or is far enough away to have enough time to complete the lap around all bases.

Hình ảnh có liên quan

A player may come first and run around the base after smashing or defeating the ball of his team player. When you score, that’s when you cheer, cheer, do the cheering and hug the person next to you.

We laid out the basic rules of the baseball game above, moving on to the things that we need to bring. Usually food and water.

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