Which sport is good to lose weight

Playing sport is one of the most useful job to lose weight efficiently, besides setting up a diet or using medicine. According to studies, the obese patients should practice sports regularly.

If you are finding sport for losing weight purpose, you should follow our analysis, we share top the best sport burning maximum calories.

In the previous article, we recommend two sports: swimming (burning up to 900 calories) and running (burning up to 800 calories). Let’s go to other great sports.

3/ Cross Country Skiing

Cross Country Skiing is on the top list to lose weight and keep fitness in the modern life. Furthermore, it brings interesting experience to refresh your mind and lower stress when you enjoy skiing in the fresh air with the snow.

Estimated that one hour of cross country skiing can burn 850+ calories. However, it requires complicated skills to start this game. You need to follow skiing skills as well prepare good spirit to adjust the cool weather.

4/ Kickboxing

Kickboxing is a great sport to work your entire body from your core, head, arms to shoulder and leg. In general, you will practice total your body flexibly.

After one hour of kickboxing, you can burn at least 770 calories. This number may be higher when you consume more energy and movements. It’s considered as a fantastic sport to challenge your brain. You not only use your weight to handle the opponent, but also think proper strategies to overcome him with limit about accidents and injuries.

This sport is also good for heart because it increase your cardiovascular healthier and stronger. The fact that almost boxer will face accidents after finishing this game. Depending on your level and experience to control accident.

 It’s better that you should follow instructions carefully before action.

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