How to place on sport betting well (Part 3)

Here we continue to share tips and strategies to place on sport to maximum profit and benefit. No one wants to become a loser, however, sport betting has no formula to succeed, so, it means you can’t assure 100% that you will win.

Following shared tips is a good way to increase opportunity for winning.

5, How much to place a wager

How much risk you will face on bets, this is the most important factor we care. You need to follow some rules because sport betting is a terrible marathon. Only having some neglected minutes, it can cause bad outcomes. So, the best rule is only putting risk at budget which you can afford to lose.

So, to follow this rule, you should use a flat-betting approach. It means you only accept risk about 1% to 5% for your bankroll or deposit.

For example, you start to make 100$ as deposit, you only allow risk lower than 5$ in one betting time.

By this way, bettors don’t face the most terrible time when losing all bankroll in case you have a bad day. Or if they are lucky to win, they also can improve positive return for a long investment.

Someone feel this rule is safe because they receive few bonuses for winning. However, among loss and benefit, you should be careful to minimum risk. So, your bets can be longer and longer.

6, Update news in the real time

Some types of sport betting require you to place on bets in advance. Although the bet is fixed, you should update news to adjust your bets properly.

As you know, the betting market is fluid, so they can adjust continuously the odd rate when something happens such as injuries of players, weather.

Monitoring all updated data in the real time is necessary to control your chance better.

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How to place on sport betting well (Part 2)

Sport betting becomes more and more loved and popular as a great way to relax. Many people choose to place on sport betting when they watch a sport event. 

But, whether do you have enough skills and knowledge to place on bets?

Following our article, we continue to share tips to place on sport betting well.

From the former article, we remind you to distinguish favorites and underdogs as well point spread in sport betting. Now, we refer other skills:

3, Money lines

Besides using point spread to place on a favorite or underdog, you also place the money lines to find which team win the game finally.

The favorite team will designate by “minus”. You will have more risk when betting on “minus” designation.

If a team is underdog, they will designate by “plus”. 

For example, betting +200 means you bet $100, you will receive $200 when winning the game. In case you are loser, you only lose $100. As rule, the underdog team is expected to lose therefore, there are more benefits when betting on it.

In general, moneylines is offered for all sports, but it’s the most popular in baseball, hockey or soccer which has lower scores.

4, Over/ under

Another type for sport betting is to place a total scored point. It means betting on total number of both teams. So, it’s called total or under/ over.

For example, in one NBA game between the Bulls and Celtics. You place total of 215 points. There are some options: if the final points are over 215, you will win the game. In case the total points are lower than 215, you lose it. Finally, points are 215, your deposit is kept.

Using over/under is usually popular in some sports with high scores such as basketball, cricket.

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How to place on sport betting well (Part 1)

Betting on sport becomes loved and outstanding in the modern life. It is considered as a main job to earn money. Even someone has ambition to become millionaires when investing money on sport betting.

To maximum profit when placing on sport betting, you should be careful all some essential aspects before betting such as reputation of the betting site, type of betting site, sport and event you should choose so on…

To understand detail about sport betting, we can follow our article. We will share instruction to place on this field well.

1, Favorites and underdogs

Firstly, you should choose which team on your favorite and the underdogs.

The favorite team is expected to win with the minus sign and odds whereas the underdog team will be lost and received a plus sign.

This choice is necessary to make good condition for the next step.

2, Spreads

Once you confirm the favorite and underdogs team, you will have two options to place on bets. It is called the point spread with “gives” point for the favorite team and “gets” point for the rest.

In general, spreads are offered for all betting sports, but it is popular with football and basketball almost. Choosing the right spreads in not easy, so requires bettors to follow status of two teams carefully whether which team has possibility to become a favorite team?

For example, to make clear about spreads: there are two teams in matches. You chose Patriot for the favorite team with 7-point to be against the Jets for the underdogs team.

In case, the Patriots wins with 8 points or more, you will become a winner at your odd rate. If they only win with 7 points, you keep the odd rate then get back money. Finally, the Patriots win by or lose less than. 6 points, you are a loser and lose your money on bet.

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