The secret to playing Roulette for real money (Part 2)

If 4 times occur in the same group with 12 consecutive numbers or in the same line, type 6 parity numbers, note the group with 12 dragon numbers but contain 0 numbers, do not play.

If the odds on the up and down lines have a rate of up to 70% then stop when the bet is wrong.

Prestigious bookie to play Roulette?

Currently, there are many online bookmakers born on the Malaysian betting market, all of which stem from the increasing need for online gambling of people. Therefore, finding a house to play Roulette is very simple, but to choose a reputable and reliable address is very difficult. Here are a few guaranteed bookmakers for you to deposit your bets:

Dealer 188Bet

Surely this house is a name that is not strange to gamblers. At 188Bet you can join to experience many types of entertainment, diverse. The house has a beautiful interface, many incentive programs for new and old people as well as information security policy is absolute.

You can participate in the experience of a variety of interesting and diverse entertainment. The house has a beautiful interface, many incentive programs for new and old people as well as information security policy is absolute.

188Bet offers incentives, attractive and simple gameplay

Playing Roulette at the 188Bet house, you will receive super attractive promotions, smooth streaming speed, and beautiful Dealer accompanied by excellent customer service. It can be said that playing Roulette at 188Bet you will be completely assured in all aspects and bring many interesting experiences.

Dealer Happy8

This is a reputable house on the Malaysian market with a large number of players registered members. Happy8 offers attractive 3D Roulette game, attractive interface and various forms of bets.

Online casino at Happy8 refunds up to 0.8% per day

Coming to the online casino world of Happy 8, experiencing Roulette you will bet money in many different forms. Moreover, you are free to choose your favorite viewing mode which can be Vip Lobby, 3D, 2D with extremely vivid and bright colors and images. Also, participate in playing with the sexy dealer, refund up to 0.8% and extremely simple play.

Above are a few sharing around the game Roulette, from traditional casinos in the past to modern variations, online. Understanding the basic rules of the game makes it easy to get used to the gamut and master advanced tricks that will give you a good bet. Hopefully this shared information will be useful to you about the knowledge revolving around Roulette.

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The secret to playing Roulette for real money (Part 1)

Roulette has simple rules but you do not notice it is easy to lose. Want to win money quickly, constantly need to trick. Here are a few tips on playing Roulette for a lot of money.

Want to win money from the house must grasp advanced tricks and watch carefully

Missing direction

When playing Roulette, pay attention to the winning numbers, if starting with a diagonal line or in the middle break, bet three games according to the number of lines that cross.

The probability of betting on the house in this way is up to 60%, especially the chance of winning continuously is very high.

Remember, after a series of consecutive bets, you must take a break for the next game and the method of deviation will apply to the next game because the number will appear again.

For example, the first time you open at 25, the next 22 and the third number that opens do not lie diagonally with the 2 above numbers, then you open the number 18 or 20 or 30.

Mark according to the number of revolutions

For Roulette’s turntables, it can be divided into tables according to the betting logic based on the sequence of 2 fixed number zones. Each player bet is for each zone.

Marking the number of spins is the trick to play advanced Roulette

That is, the first game bets on zones 1, 2 and even though the winner is the next bet, it is zones 1 and 3. No matter what the result in the third game, you will place 2, 3 and in the last game, you will reset the zone. 1, 2. Every cycle so we will make sure the amount of winning money in hand.

Hit the tide

This method requires players to invest time to watch the games win. You need to find the 5 winning numbers repeated in 30 games with 30 winning numbers in order to start betting. Once you have done so, but the observation still shows no signs whatsoever should not risk playing but hit the following way:

The winning line is a bet for the last 17 numbers and can bet for a further 0;

The reverse line is a wager on the previous 17 digits and the number is reduced to zero;

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Basic roulette guide for beginners

With Roulette anyone can play because it is a casino with nature of high entertainment, does not require the player to carry a special skill. As shown above, Roulette has 37 numbers marked from 0 – 36 including 2 black and red, green for 0 with the same ball.

Once the player bets, the game will start. Understand that bets are limited to the table with a wheel spun from the Dealer. When the wheel spins,

Dealer will let the ball roll around the outside rim of the wheel in the opposite direction to the rotation of the wheel and fall into a special position, when the wheel stops spinning will be the signal to end the game.

Players only need to track the result of winning or losing and receive a reward from the house.

Roulette has a variety of bet types for players to choose

Bets are different depending on the player, including the following online casino betting categories.

Red and black bets are based on the color of the numbers in the spin and only two colors are red and black. The payout ratio is split 50 50 so making money is easy to win;

Parity bets calculated from 1 to 36 and zeros are not counted. Once an outcome is even or odd, use it to determine the outcome;

Half-table bet means that the player has 2 betting options, one is from numbers 1 to 18 and two are from numbers 19 – 36. The result of a winning or losing match is the last position on which the ball landed;

Bet 12 groups of numbers with all 6 groups of 12 numbers on the table and the task of the player must determine which group they want to place on the table to bet. The group of numbers the player bets on based on the number of balls rolled in, 1 bet doubles;

The zero bet is a 35 to 1 bet but the odds of winning are very low. Besides, there are many other types of bets are double, single, etc. However, the above categories are still selected more because the probability of winning is quite high. Roulette wheel consists of 37 numbers from 0-36 including black and red, the number 0 is green.

Hope the basic guide above about Roulette is useful for beginners. Thank you for reading. Good luck!

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The origin of roulette casino game

Simple, easy to play is what people think of Roulette – the most popular betting type at online casinos. But in fact, grasping the rules of the game, the experience of betting and how to win a lot of money from this game is not as easy as you think.

Roulette means small French wheel exists and has developed to this day a lot of variations on the way of playing as well as the form but based on its origin.

Roulette is a game genre limited to rotation but there are many forms of bets.

The format of this casino is quite diverse, it is betting a single number, bet by color, in numbers, even or odd or low (1 – 18) or high (19 – 36). Any bet is made by placing a chip on the table at the position where the player wants to bet.

The way of determining victory by color or number is based on where the ball stops. The dealer starts the dial by launching a small ball on the roulette that is running in a circle.

The pitcher in the Roulette table is called the Dealer. Under Dealer’s force, the ball spins at least 3 rounds before stopping completely at a number corresponding to a certain color. At this point, the player needs to do is to compare this number with the bet that he has placed or not to know the winning or losing result.

Speaking of Roulette, people often argue about their origin. Some claim that this attractive casino game originated and originated from China and brought to America in the Far East monks.

But some other individuals think that Roulette comes from France because its meaning in French is small wheel. Moreover, it was invented by the mathematician Blaise Pascal in the 17th century.

Although it did not provide concrete evidence, Roulette was still convinced that it was a random invention and associated with the famous mathematician.

Many notions that Roulette was born from the French mathematical genius Pascal.

When Maestro tried to invent the movement in the 18th century, Roulette developed and survived a long way. The clearest evidence for that is the background image, countries around the world have played Roulette and variants of Roulette for decades.

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How to play roulette for newbies at Fun88? (Part 2)

On the dial also consists of 37 numbers and a small ball, the interface of online casino game now very diverse and beautiful compared to the bright, eye-catching colors.

The odds, the house or the game menu, as well as the numbers related to the code, the balance and the total bet, will be displayed in the corner of the screen so that participants can follow easy tracking.

Initially the player will have a short period of time to decide what kind of bet he wants and click. The player then completes the betting process, the driver proceeds to dial the number to determine the winning or losing, the ball is thrown in the middle of the round table and if it falls into any box, the person places a bet on the box. That number will win.

In order to ensure objectivity and not cause irritation for participants, the ball after being randomly launched must go at least 3 rounds to be counted and depending on the initial amount to decide whether the amount of winning or loss like?

Learn about the common bet types in Roulette

Red – black betting: right from the name people can already imagine a part about how this bet. Then, based on the color as well as the numbers on the wheel, the player will decide on a color if the ball lands on the ground, they will win.

The player will choose the odd or even numbers that he wants to start from 1 to 36 and use the result The result of pitching a ball to determine who wins or loses.

A 12-player bet has more options because up to 6 groups and 12 numbers appear on the spin. If the ball is drawn in any number, it will be chosen as the basis for deciding which side wins.

Bet on 0 or choose the remaining 35 numbers, the result of the player’s loss depends on the position of the ball lying after launching and going 3 rounds as prescribed. If you are tired of the above bet types, then the number 0 bet is a form to try.

For new entrants, the win rate is not very high, won little and discontinuous so must know how to play and have tips to win.

Hopefully, with the above sharing, we can help readers understand the details of how to play roulette for newbies so that they can win for themselves. Good luck!

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How to play roulette for newbies at Fun88? (Part 1 )

Roulette is one of the most popular games currently available in online casinos, so it is available at the Fun88 dealer.

The game is very attractive to many players with simple, clear rules, easy to play and does not require as many skills as other games.

This game is very simple that anyone can play, today Fun88 will share how to play Roulette for new players in the most specific detail (Link to Fun88)

Roulette rules

Roulette is created by a wheel and the ability to spin on Roulette axis. On each wheel, the numbers are attached in a circle and these numbers are arranged in a certain order and do not change. There is also a table containing numbers divided by cells, groups, horizontal lines, vertical rows, red and black to let you bet.

You bet on 1 cell or 1 group of cells, 1 row, column, odd number, even number or based on your color. Dealer spins the Roulette axis when the ball moves to the end of which ball the ball runs into, which square the bet wins, the payout depends on the bet you bet.

How to play Roulette

Step 1: select the currency with the value you want to bet by using the mouse to stretch the coins and then place on the betting positions in the table.

Step 2: Wait for the Dealer to spin the wheel and see the results

The maximum amount that a player can win in a game is based on the highest amount of bets the house has allowed. If you place a bet that is over the limit, the dealer will only pay the highest bet, the excess bet will be returned to you.

Roulette bet tips

Learn the structure of the game and how to play it. When you choose to play Roulette at this time the screen will show a roulette with a number of tables representing the numbers from 0 to 36 along with different betting boxes for players to have Can choose to bet as you like.

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