Top 10 richest transfers in football 2019

Football is the king of sports, therefore many people can earn money from football. In general, footballers are the most outstanding when they directly join the match and brighten in the field.

The truth that famous stars can earn so much money from transfer contracts among other clubs as well other jobs in advertising, actors or business job.

In this article, we continue to share top 10 richest footballers through big transfer contracts which are up to millions of dollars. Following it if you are a fan of footballer.

5/ Rodri

Rodri has been transferred from Atletico Madrid to Manchester City with total vale €70 million although he has been 23-year-old in 2019.

After the season of La Liga, Rodri shows off his talent at the defensive midfield. He has already reached 3.1 tackles, 1.2 interceptions and 2 clearances in passing accuracy up to 91% which are deeply impressive in per games. His excellent performance makes strong and professional in his career.

When finishing the transfer to MU, this team is very interesting and expected about new season with high ranking. They consider Rodri as one of the best footballer in team. They also believe that he can do his performance to make achievement for MU as hero.

4/ Matthijs De Ligt

Mattijs D Light has ever led Ajax team to some big achievements in the last season.

In the last season, Mattifis played an important role to defeat other strong members by moving fast and flexibly. He also reached some coaches in Ajax’s UCL QF which his team became winners. He also was excellent when facing to face with Ronaldo.

In this season, he is expected to make more tackeles and assists in the Premier League and the Champions league, so that he is deserved with €85.5 million for one transfer.

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Things to keep in mind when playing football betting (Part 3)

So if the football betting players only rely on the results of the first few minutes or the results of the first half of the match, it will not be possible to accurately predict the final result of the match. During the competition, a lot of unexpected changes may also take place.

The characteristic of football matches is that there are too many unknown factors. If, before the end of the match, one of the two teams has been given 2 or more results, the result of victory or loss cannot be clearly defined, it is necessary to pay attention to the spirit and attitude of the two players team.

When making certain odds, experts always have clear grounds and they also have to go through a long, careful research and analysis process. And players should do the same while following the match, if a problem arises and you are sure the result will be changed, you must immediately adjust the bet, do not make a big bet if the winning is only 0%. You should always calculate carefully the percentage of winnings and bet the money corresponding to that percentage.

If the leading party competes with high effort, the later in the game, the higher the spirit, the more they want to attack while the latter has no will to play anymore, the advantage is still in favor. The leading one, while the other leading definitely no chance of winning anymore. These are common match happenings, but there are still special cases.

Notice the external factors when analyzing matches in football betting

Online football betting requires attention to both the external factors, not just the internal issues. Therefore, when betting in football betting, the player not only needs to pay attention to the situation of the playing team, but more importantly does not underestimate the external environmental factors. This is an important factor and can help players analyze the match situation.

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