How to play roulette for newbies at Fun88? (Part 2)

On the dial also consists of 37 numbers and a small ball, the interface of online casino game now very diverse and beautiful compared to the bright, eye-catching colors.

The odds, the house or the game menu, as well as the numbers related to the code, the balance and the total bet, will be displayed in the corner of the screen so that participants can follow easy tracking.

Initially the player will have a short period of time to decide what kind of bet he wants and click. The player then completes the betting process, the driver proceeds to dial the number to determine the winning or losing, the ball is thrown in the middle of the round table and if it falls into any box, the person places a bet on the box. That number will win.

In order to ensure objectivity and not cause irritation for participants, the ball after being randomly launched must go at least 3 rounds to be counted and depending on the initial amount to decide whether the amount of winning or loss like?

Learn about the common bet types in Roulette

Red – black betting: right from the name people can already imagine a part about how this bet. Then, based on the color as well as the numbers on the wheel, the player will decide on a color if the ball lands on the ground, they will win.

The player will choose the odd or even numbers that he wants to start from 1 to 36 and use the result The result of pitching a ball to determine who wins or loses.

A 12-player bet has more options because up to 6 groups and 12 numbers appear on the spin. If the ball is drawn in any number, it will be chosen as the basis for deciding which side wins.

Bet on 0 or choose the remaining 35 numbers, the result of the player’s loss depends on the position of the ball lying after launching and going 3 rounds as prescribed. If you are tired of the above bet types, then the number 0 bet is a form to try.

For new entrants, the win rate is not very high, won little and discontinuous so must know how to play and have tips to win.

Hopefully, with the above sharing, we can help readers understand the details of how to play roulette for newbies so that they can win for themselves. Good luck!

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