Which sport is good to lose weight

Keeping fit is a hot topic for everyone in the modern life when people care about appearance as one of the good ways to communicate and work efficiently. Therefore, someone in obesity is under pressure to lose weight.

Don’t worry about this problem. If you are really motivative to lose weight, you can play sports under instruction carefully, then you can burn a sum of calorie and reduce your weight positively.

In this article, we share top sports are useful to lose weight. Following to find several proper sports for your demand and favorite.


Basketball is a fantastic game which you can play with your group/ team. It’s a good exercise for team sports to increase solidarity and connection among members. Furthermore, it helps you to burn 700 or more calories during one hour of exercise. This number is not bad to lose weight fast and safely.

During exercise of basketball, all your muscles can be strengthened and practiced fluently, from your head, shoulder to arms or legs need to work to move, run and keep the ball the most. Your cardiovascular system should be built up well. So, you feel relaxing and comfortable after finish it.

6/ Tennis

Tennis is a couple sport which you can play as a sport or a recreational outside game with others. This sport is suitable for all ages. Depending your power and energy, you can play it within 1 hour, 2 hour or more.

On average, one hour will burn at least 400 calories for a woman and 600 calories for a man. You will be continuing to run and follow up tennis ball so that you can control or handle problem with it. Therefore, your strength, ability, reaction as well your fitness will be improved dramatically.

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