Learn the beauty of dance sport music

Dance sport is known as an art with a combination of people and music, people immerse themselves in the dance, feel the music through every movement on the body to make the music come alive. came strange. Therefore, people often say that music is the soul of dance and the dancer is the person who expresses that spirit in the most obvious and understandable way to the public.

Dance music has the characteristics of fast, powerful sound, constantly creating rhythmic melodies. Each dance song represents a different dance and it can be said that without music there would be no dance.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho Dance sport

Dance has become famous all over the world, since the early years of the 20th century, dance has been known for the gentle dance originating from the Americas. It then spread to the whole world and the variation went into many genres. From classical dances, dance moves have been created to modern dance, sports dance or dance to Kpop music, US-UK music …

Through each period of time, dancing has made a big turning point. If dance used to be common in the countryside, where people lived together very affectionately, they created dances to entertain, to get together.

Then after a while, Those dances have been popular at disco discos and fanciers. And until now, dance has reached out to the whole world, it is no longer the usual dance anymore, it has become a popular art practice, from children to the elderly.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho Dance sport

Each song will have a specific rhythm that based on the rhythm we see the flexible dance performed through each rhythm. In dance music, the beats and beat are the two things that make up the signature dance because each song will have its own beats and beats, the dancer relies on the beat and beat to guess how to move. for the reasonable.

After each beat there is a beat that is emphasized as a sign to identify the end of the movement. The key to being a great dancer is the ability to recognize the rhythm of music through a sense of beats per beat, which one is emphasized and most importantly, the tempo of the track. That music is fast or slow.

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