How to place on sport betting well (Part 2)

Sport betting becomes more and more loved and popular as a great way to relax. Many people choose to place on sport betting when they watch a sport event. 

But, whether do you have enough skills and knowledge to place on bets?

Following our article, we continue to share tips to place on sport betting well.

From the former article, we remind you to distinguish favorites and underdogs as well point spread in sport betting. Now, we refer other skills:

3, Money lines

Besides using point spread to place on a favorite or underdog, you also place the money lines to find which team win the game finally.

The favorite team will designate by “minus”. You will have more risk when betting on “minus” designation.

If a team is underdog, they will designate by “plus”. 

For example, betting +200 means you bet $100, you will receive $200 when winning the game. In case you are loser, you only lose $100. As rule, the underdog team is expected to lose therefore, there are more benefits when betting on it.

In general, moneylines is offered for all sports, but it’s the most popular in baseball, hockey or soccer which has lower scores.

4, Over/ under

Another type for sport betting is to place a total scored point. It means betting on total number of both teams. So, it’s called total or under/ over.

For example, in one NBA game between the Bulls and Celtics. You place total of 215 points. There are some options: if the final points are over 215, you will win the game. In case the total points are lower than 215, you lose it. Finally, points are 215, your deposit is kept.

Using over/under is usually popular in some sports with high scores such as basketball, cricket.

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