Which sport is good to lose weight

Keeping fit is a hot topic for everyone in the modern life when people care about appearance as one of the good ways to communicate and work efficiently. Therefore, someone in obesity is under pressure to lose weight.

Don’t worry about this problem. If you are really motivative to lose weight, you can play sports under instruction carefully, then you can burn a sum of calorie and reduce your weight positively.

In this article, we share top sports are useful to lose weight. Following to find several proper sports for your demand and favorite.


Basketball is a fantastic game which you can play with your group/ team. It’s a good exercise for team sports to increase solidarity and connection among members. Furthermore, it helps you to burn 700 or more calories during one hour of exercise. This number is not bad to lose weight fast and safely.

During exercise of basketball, all your muscles can be strengthened and practiced fluently, from your head, shoulder to arms or legs need to work to move, run and keep the ball the most. Your cardiovascular system should be built up well. So, you feel relaxing and comfortable after finish it.

6/ Tennis

Tennis is a couple sport which you can play as a sport or a recreational outside game with others. This sport is suitable for all ages. Depending your power and energy, you can play it within 1 hour, 2 hour or more.

On average, one hour will burn at least 400 calories for a woman and 600 calories for a man. You will be continuing to run and follow up tennis ball so that you can control or handle problem with it. Therefore, your strength, ability, reaction as well your fitness will be improved dramatically.

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Which sport is good to lose weight

Playing sport is one of the most useful job to lose weight efficiently, besides setting up a diet or using medicine. According to studies, the obese patients should practice sports regularly.

If you are finding sport for losing weight purpose, you should follow our analysis, we share top the best sport burning maximum calories.

In the previous article, we recommend two sports: swimming (burning up to 900 calories) and running (burning up to 800 calories). Let’s go to other great sports.

3/ Cross Country Skiing

Cross Country Skiing is on the top list to lose weight and keep fitness in the modern life. Furthermore, it brings interesting experience to refresh your mind and lower stress when you enjoy skiing in the fresh air with the snow.

Estimated that one hour of cross country skiing can burn 850+ calories. However, it requires complicated skills to start this game. You need to follow skiing skills as well prepare good spirit to adjust the cool weather.

4/ Kickboxing

Kickboxing is a great sport to work your entire body from your core, head, arms to shoulder and leg. In general, you will practice total your body flexibly.

After one hour of kickboxing, you can burn at least 770 calories. This number may be higher when you consume more energy and movements. It’s considered as a fantastic sport to challenge your brain. You not only use your weight to handle the opponent, but also think proper strategies to overcome him with limit about accidents and injuries.

This sport is also good for heart because it increase your cardiovascular healthier and stronger. The fact that almost boxer will face accidents after finishing this game. Depending on your level and experience to control accident.

 It’s better that you should follow instructions carefully before action.

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Which sport is good to lose weight

Sports play an important role in the human life. Someone choose sports as profession to develop their career of athletes. While someone considers sports as useful workout to relax and reduce stress after pressure of jobs or society relationships. Others find benefits to lose weight from sport.

In this article, we share one beneficial aspect of sport which is good for losing weight purpose. So, which sport can burn the maximum calorie without tiredness or difficult. Following our article then you can find proper sport for your demand.

1/ Running

Running is a great sport to burn fat and calorie. Depending on your weight and method of running, you can burn up to 800 calories in only hour. Even, amount of calorie is higher when you use up more energy during running.

There are many level for running. It can be difference about speed, location or skill level. Besides it, running doesn’t require so much complicated skills like other sports. Therefore, you are easy to adapt and start it once your mind is ready.

Not only running to burn calories, running around your home is a good way to relax. You can run and explore beauty of landscape.

The most important you need to prepare is a good pair of shoes.

2/ Swimming

If you want to burn up more calories than running, swimming is a good option. On average for one hour, swimming helps you to burn up to 900 calories.

Swimming is a good sport being beneficial for mental, health as well fitness. In swimming, the whole body will be practiced and moved gradually. So, it’s good to improve bones and muscles more durable and stronger.

Besides it, swimming is a popular water sport for all walk of life. From children to the teenager, the adult like this sport. You can go to swimming pool or any lake or the beach to take action it.

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Benefits of moderate sports

Playing sports has been a recognized method of health protection for a long time. The benefit of playing sports is to make people healthier and longer to live, against the aging process of the brain, reduce anxiety and stress …

Physical activity helps burn calories, reduce cholesterol and excess fat, help maintain a healthy and reasonable weight. A balanced body is an important factor in forming a healthy person.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho balanced body

Exercise and sports help increase the amount of oxygen to the brain, so that the brain is provided with enough oxygen. The brain absorbs enough oxygen to help increase concentration, improve memory and ability to absorb and learn.

Regular and regular physical activity and sports increase blood flow to the brain, improve the ability to “turn on and off” several genes and the brain enhances the production of new nerve cells, stimulating the heart the mind in the hippocampus, helping to fight neurodegenerative diseases like Alzheimer’s or Parkinson’s. Exercise every day can also avoid age-related degeneration or brain bleeding.

Exercise and sports is a great therapy for people who often suffer from anxiety. Because during exercise your body will release the hormones serotonin and dopamine to help relieve stress and anxiety.

Tuyệt vời những lợi ích của việc chơi thể thao kết hợp chế độ ăn uống lành mạnh

Practicing yoga, cardiovascular exercises, … bring significant improvements for women with reduced libido. For men, exercising helps to improve erections. Exercising regularly and regularly exercising sports will help strengthen and stimulate an area of ​​the brain to increase your self-confidence.

Improving your confidence will make it easier for you to express yourself and integrate and expand your relationship with the community. Physical activity is linked to anti-aging processes that help regulate certain brain functions. In addition, physical activity also helps the neurotransmitters and muscle fibers to be maintained in a biologically “rejuvenated” state. Exercising daily not only helps burn calories but also helps us to have a mental, lucid, lucid mind.

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